On January 02, 2020, the formerly known FCA joined a partnership formed between MMSDC and Plug and Play, the largest global innovation platform for startups and corporations, to bring a new innovation hub to Detroit by June 2020. Plug and Play Detroit Powered by AmplifyD (Amplify:Diversity) will provide streamlined access to all technology startups, with an emphasis on those owned by women and minorities. The partnership underpins the approach by Stellantis to the rapid advancement of select technologies through smart and strategic collaborations that promote a culture of innovation and safety. 

Plug and Play Stats

Plug and Play is the ultimate innovation platform, bringing together the best startups and the world’s largest corporations.


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Leadership message

“The automotive industry is at the crossroads of digital transformation, where automated driving, connectivity, electrification and shared mobility are reshaping the future of mobility,” Mark Stewart, Chief Operating Officer, Stellantis North America, said. “The participation with Plug and Play Detroit powered by AmplifyD accelerates approach Stellantis of to research and development, providing immediate streamlined access to an ecosystem of hundreds of technology startups all with an emphasis on diversity, and with greater diversity, comes greater innovation.”

Mark Stewart, 
COO Stellantis – North America

“Innovation accelerator programs play a critical role in successfully bringing new ideas to market. Through this partnership, entrepreneurs will gain access to resources, mentoring, financing, as well as physical space, to research and develop future mobility technology. Such resources, in many cases, are not readily available for entrepreneurs, particularly women and minorities. I am excited to partner with Plug and Play, Stellantis and various other corporations we will announce in the future, to address this need as we grow corporations and entrepreneurs in the process.”

Michelle Sourie Robinson
President & CEO of MMSDC